Main participant of the tertiary and industrial construction‘s sector, Technigirf group has for main goal to bring its expertise in consulting and execute industrial, tertiary or public real estate projects. Its experienced founders and collaborators in conception and development of construction projects, carpentry, interior build-out work, allows a greater and full approach of your project, with a unique contact who has the capacity to handle every aspects of your construction site, with a consulting touch.

Technigrif group : Professionals hardened to your service

A building whatever it may be, is built with elements such as stones, bricks, concrete blocks. This in Technigrif where we find the origin of several parts and more specifically 2 carreer histories:
From one side, Laurent Previtali, engineer in mechanical engineering, with 10 years of experience in the aeronautics before a professional reorientation in 2011 in the second work which the Alu-Bois company made possible because of the buyout. On the other side, Jean-Michel Cabin, Holder of a « Master in Architecture and Engineering of Sustainable Development », has 30 years of experience in the construction more specifically in the engineering consulting management with 400 collaborators, or very well-known projects such as the rework of the Mont Saint-Michel’s maritime bay.

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Both being hard workers they meet at the end of 2014 in Fontainebleau at a business center where their businesses are now located at. Being aware of their complementarity of knowledge and great good-companionsip, they decide to become partners in 2016 by creating technigrif which includes the Previtec company (conception and development of construction projects, carpentry, interior build-out work) and the Pytagore company (general build contractor).

Located Ile-de-France with a branche in region Rhône-Alpes, the group Technigrif is there to give you the best advice and work with you during the entire industrial and tertiary construction project (public/private markets, except for private individual projects). With attentive leaders who have a great expertise and the flexibility of the collaborators, technigrif guarantees the deployment of your projects in the fullest confidence, with a unique contact and to manage all the stakes/requests.



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Subsidiary company

Several branches are available in the group, the oldest one « Prévitec » which operates around the closure
and concealment of commercial buildings as well as tertiary or industrial buildings by installing, maintaining carpentry and other structures.

The newest one « Pytagore », is the result of an important reflection of the group and meets all the needs to build from its customers by adapting themselves to both standard and particular demands. Their reputation to answer any request from the calibration of the need, through the design, the construction and also the maintenance. Be the life complete of a real estate property.


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